Terms & Conditions

1. Serious buyer only
2. Booking - 2 days only, after 2 days cannot cancelled the order.
3. All price are as stated, price are not included with postage.
4. Delivery time is not fixed, but normally i post in the morning. Lead time delivery 3-7 days. Any update on tracking no. please refer back to your email.
5. I will not bear any responsibility of damaging the goods provided by the postage.
6. Good stuff not refundable. Once you buy, its your okay :)
7. You can also pay upfront first to book/deposit but only for 1 day. If not, kira hangus.

I hope everyone understand the term and condition... cause im selling goods with my own modals please give support as we will support each other better.

Hope you guys like all the items that been listed.

Enjoy shopping!

p/s: any comment can directly email to me. Thanks

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